Lord of Water

Lord of Water

Follow the Journey. Lord of Water. Fighting for the protection of another precious water planet.

…Hi Sun blew apart into a billion splinters as the cold and brutal beam smashed down deep into the ocean….

An Alien Agenda for Global Evaporation!


Part I is simply the beginning. Don’t miss this journey, it is the life time of your wildest dreams.


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This young and energetic couple share a life of loyalty, love and romance.

This your water lord, his super gorgeous wife and a dedicated crew take on a global threat of unimaginable proportion. How can one man with a humble team expect to tackle such forces of evil intention to rape and evaporate the water resources of such a precious water plant.

As this couple leave the comfortable life of a tropical paradise behind, the Water Lord knows without a doubt that he has not choice other than to set out and complete what he arrived on this planet to complete.

Without this vital calibration, the universal effect could be far more devastating than just the loss of the one water planet. As you following the journey you will find how one man is able to unravel the impossible and when he is faced with far more that he had planed for, what will be the outcome?

Do not miss this adventure. It means more to this planet and the universe of other precious water planets than that of the purposes of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings put together and multiplied by a million. The whole future of life as we know it and that of all other water planets on this universe all depend on what will happen at this pivotal turning point.

You will never be the same again! You will never look at the stars in the same way again. And this is only step one of the Sci Fi Trilogy.

Join the adventure and I know that you will never be the same again.

We will make it as a race and civilisation, but only if we fully understand the importance of what it is that we all have to do and what part each and every one of us play in this game if more than survival. This is Immortality.

I have brought you this story with one purpose in mind. Bringing you the greater truth. You do have a relationship directly and intimately as a member of this universe. Don’t miss this chance to face the truth and go free. Free for eternity.

I look forward to hearing your reviews and hope that you manage to find also your own purpose in life through Lord of Water. The Greatest Hero to ever come to the face of the Sci Fi Genre.

All the best to you and your adventure.

Lord of Water



Mike King. Author Lord of Water

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