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Lord of Water goes Full Circle through this Sci Fi Trilogy

In this wild adventure, you are going to find love, courage and bravery beyond imagination and inspiration of a world and universe that truly can be. Join Lord of Water his most gorgeous partner Mila and a team of the bravest of the brave. This story will become a part of you. Tis journey is waiting to be shared with you.

Slicing through the water on the back of a dorsal pilot.

Lord of Water finding his dominance of Water again.

October 1 — December 1

Lord of Water. Now on Amazon

August 1 — December 1

Lord of Water Ocean
The great Lord of Water Sci Fi Trilogy

From Signac to Matisse

October 1 — December 1

Precious Water Planet
The perfect life on a A Precious Water Planet

”One Evil Alien, Slab, is set for Global Evaporation”

This Alien Agenda was set forth to the destruction of all water planet and all life entities of this universe.

Young Readers. You will never be the same again!

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