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Serious Sci Fi Adventure with a Water Lord

Imagine if you could fly!

Well, we do actually. We fly under and on top of water very beautifully. But we just happen to call it swimming. We are all a water lord in our own right.

Well, some guys can’t swim, so there you go. If you are a good swimmer, I am sure that you could classify yourself as a water lord any time.

Water Lord Swimming

That is was inspired me to write Lord of Water. It is that freedom that we gain through water and having ourselves surrounded my this amazing fluid that animates life itself.

The journey began at the base of a large flag pole right in the middle of Darling Harbour in Sydney. I was contracted to paint this huge 200 foot flag pole and up inside the pole, actually, were my technicians preparing and painting the inside of the huge structure.

I was the permit holder on that day and the story just came to me. A Water Lord travelling through time and fighting the fight to protect and preserve all water planets across his sector of the universe. A man with immortal beingness and power to wield and flow water as though it were an extension of his own thought.

If I get started, I will be telling you the whole story and I won’t be doing that because that is what the book is for. But just image anyway, the perfect life and the being in the perfect situation to enjoy life any the journey that this guy takes. And best of all he has this amazing women that is sharing the journey with him, Mila, and she just 100% goes with the flow.

Mila is a gorgeous young lady with a very spiritual believe and sense of immortality herself. But along with this, she has this amazing flippancy in which she tales on every day of the journey and really becomes the supporting character of our water lord and he fulfils the journey.

The tension is so strong as they reach the peak of their journey, but the early days when they come to terms with the fact that they have to risk all and set out upon this immortal task is a responsibility neither of them are willing to ignore.

Their journey is fun, flippant and uplifting as this water lord takes us across the globe of a precious water planet beyond the stars.

I know you will love the right and also share the exhilaration through the eyes of this water lord.

My favourite seen of the whole trilogy sits right in the content of Chapter 2. I will cover that in the following page to come.

See you soon.

Mike King. Author Lord of Water

Author Lord of Water.