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I fell in love with Science Fiction at around the age of 17. A friend of mine introduced me to reading and he was reading the hobbit at the time. We had just finished a surf and I found him sitting in the front of the station wagon completely engrossed in this book and I felt that I was so much missing out on something.

I had always had a bit of trouble with my eye sight and was never comfortable wearing glasses. Even though I had to at that time to see clearly. But I just decided to see and picked up a book called The Chronicles of Thomas Covanent. The adventure began and after that, I was hooked on fiction.

Then I Found the Science Fiction Journey

I jumped between a few fantasy fiction and sci fi books, but it wasn’t until I picked up a copy of Battle Field Earth that was sitting on my friends table. It had not even been opened. I stole that science fiction book and returned it in a week or so after travelling such an amazing adventure.

Although I really loved the journey, it never really had any idea that I would one day be the writer of a book. I had received a few Bs and Cs on my creative writing assignments, but never really received any encouragement or acknowledgment that I have have some talent to write.

Then one day I was sitting at the bottom of a 200 foot flag pole in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. I had a couple of guys up inside that flag pole doing paint preparation works and then the character and the beginning of the story just came to me. Lord of Water. And the Science Fiction Journey began.

Lord of Water Science Fiction

You know, I discovered at that moment that it does not matter what any teacher, critic, mum, dad, brother, sister, cousin, aunty, uncle or who cares thinks about your writing. Writing is firstly for the pleasure and the journey that it creates for the author of a story, an adventure that has never been written before is the right of anyone on this planet who wants to create.

Especially the Science Fiction journey. It can take you on the wildest twists and turns. Even though you are the author and know where your story is going. Or do you!

This is the greatest adventure and I encourage you. Don’t care what anyone has to day about you or your story. Just write and get ¬†your book out there. There are 7 Billion People waiting for something new to read. It only 1,000th of a percent of people like your style, then there you go. You have a group of 700,000 avide readers waiting for your next novel.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,


Mike King. Author Lord of Water

PS. Make sure that you head to the home page and get a copy.