Lord of Water Blog

Yep! we are here. Lord of Water and his mighty team fighting for the survival of a precious water planet. I know that you are going to love the journey and through this weblog, you will also share the writing journey through my eyes. So pleased to have this new template up and looking forward to dominating the web.   Cheers, Author Dream Builder Pro.

Hollywood Press Release

It is every author's dream to have his book go Best Seller and then also to be taken to the Big Screen. Lord of Water is no exception. All that is needed is for the book to be taken into the right hands and then to go viral across the global book stores. The demand will naturally gravitate it to the Big Screen and then a Box Office Smash. But why would Lord of Water go ahead of so many books on the stand? This is the Hollywood Press Release that we have all been waiting for. The hero th...